Where do we go from here?

You’ve done your research, practiced your responses, put on your best interview outfit and bravely engaged with the interviewer. The interview has gone well to this point and you are feeling confident.  And of course you’ve asked probing and insightful questions!

One of the most important aspects of the interview, that the job seeker actually controls, relates to the questions that they ask the interviewer. Asking meaningful and relevant questions puts the job seeker in a very favorable light and shows their interest in both the job and the organization itself.

Asking questions is expected and the interview can even be steered by asking specific questions of the interviewer. At some point, however, the interview will be concluded.  The interviewer my be looking at their watch or giving other signs that the interview should end.  This is one of the most critical points in the entire interview.

Even if the interviewer fails to remember everything that has been said to this point they will react to your final question…………….”where do we go from here?”

By asking this key question the entire dynamic of the interview has shifted.  The job seeker has put themselves in a position of strength that the interviewer will instinctively respect and respond to.  It shows that the job seeker is focused, organized and looking toward the future.  It also helps tie up the interview in a positive and clear manner.  

The interviewer may share their future plans regarding filling the position (we have three more candidates to interview), but will also be obliged to give the job seeker some insight into when the position will be filled and when/if someone will follow up with the job seeker.

So……….even though the interviewer controls the majority of the interview, you can close with a powerful and and valuable question that will put you in a very favorble position to get the job!

photo: pixabay.com