You had me at hello

Who could forget that memorable scene in the movie, Jerry Maguire, where RenĂ©e Zellweger utters these iconic words; “You had me at hello”?  There is probably not a more critical time during the job interview than your initial greeting.  Often, first impressions will make or break an interview, and you want to have every advantage you can muster going in.  

When preparing for your next interview, your initial contact with the interviewer is of utmost importance.  As the old saying goes, “you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”.  We’ve all met people that, for various reasons, we were either put off by, or immediately drawn to.  Think back to the ones that you immediately felt a positive connection to and try to remember what gave you that feeling.  This is the essence of what you want to project going into your next interview. 

Some things to focus on are:

  • your outfit and grooming – Are you well dressed in a conservative outfit?  Are your shoes shined?  Freshly showered?  Nails and hair trimmed (nose too)? Little or no fragrance? 
  • your handshake – Is it firm but not bone-crushing?  
  • your smile – You may be nervous, but don’t let it show; smile like you are meeting a long lost friend.
  • your sense of confidence – This is hard to quantify, but do everything you can to show that you are sure of yourself and your capabilities, without being arrogant or abrasive.

You must be aware of all these attributes as you are entering the room for your interview.  The way in which you come across to the interviewer when you first meet will have a huge impact on how you will be perceived both during, and especially, after the interview.  

So………..start practicing now to make a great first impression at your next interview, and you will be well thought of when the hiring decision is made! 



photo: Movie Pilot

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