The 2-year interview callback

Two years ago, the contract I was working under was about to run out so I applied for, and was screened for a position with another company in my local area.  Ultimately, I wasn’t offered the job and I went on with my life. 

Thankfully, the contract I’d been working under was eventually renewed and I continued in my job.  I worked for another year and ended up retiring from that company. 

Fast forward another year, and I get a call from the company I’d applied to over two years earlier, wanting to know if I was still interested in the position and would be available for an interview!  Needless to say, I was quite surprised but agreed to discuss the opportunity.  I was eventually offered (and accepted) the job that I’d applied for over two years earlier!

The important point here is that you must never give up on the positions you’ve applied for and must always be ready to interview on short notice.  With changes in the job market and people leaving jobs for various reasons, you never know when a choice position you’d applied for – but didn’t get, becomes available again.  In today’s world of mass digital storage and vast databases your resume never really dies, but lives on (often for many years) and can turn up in a recruiters search when you least expect it.

You must always be interview-ready to take advantage of  an opportunity on short notice.  So what does that entail? Here are some things you need to do:

  • Continuously update your resume
  • Practice your interviewing skills and be ready to answer the 50 most common interview questions compiled by
  • Maintain and update your interview wardrobe
  • Compile and update a list of your major achievements, including relevant statistics
  • Maintain contact with the people you want to have as references
  • Practice telling your story in a succinct and compelling way
  • Develop a list of questions you want to have ready to ask the interviewer

So………..if you do these things, you will never be taken by surprise when you get a call from a recruiter offering you an unexpected opportunity – and potentially, the job of a lifetime! 






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