Do you need an interview coach?

  • Does the word INTERVIEW send chills up your spine?
  • Have you had a bad interview experience in the past?
  • Do you feel unprepared to show a perspective boss your valuable qualities?
  • Don’t know where to begin in your interview preparations?

Joining or rejoining the commercial job market can be a daunting task.  Seeking out your preferred job, applying, and finally being invited to interview for the position are all major accomplishments.  But of all the steps in the employment process, the interview is often the most intimidating and least prepared for element.  This is where the support of a coach can really pay off.

Working with an interview coach can help you focus on the critical elements of the interview process (yes, there are distinct elements or phases of the interview process).  If you overlook important issues either before, during or after the interview, you may lose out on a job that could have been yours had you been better prepared.

Just as some of the most successful athletes, entertainers, and politicians employ coaches to help them enhance their personal skills and abilities, the individual who is seeking to maximize their interviewing skills – and therefore their potential to propel themselves ahead in their career – can greatly benefit from the assistance of a coach!

While an interview coach operates behind the scenes and doesn’t attend the interview, it is the skills and personal insights that the coach can provide that will help you develop the confidence and skill to successfully navigate even the most challenging interview.

I can help you achieve successful interviewing skills and assist you in developing the confidence and strategies needed to compete successfully for your future job.  I have been a hiring manager and interviewee over the past two decades, so I know full well the issues that are important to both.  My experience has allowed me to put together a comprehensive and effective program that will give you the tools necessary to engage in the interview process in a confident and successful manner.

Scott’s Coaching Packages

My coaching packages consist of several personalized hour-long telephone or Skype sessions.  The sessions are live conversations between myself and the client (you). Each session will also include a written feedback report and recommendations to help you improve your interviewing skills.  Scheduling of sessions will be mutually determined and will normally be conducted on a weekly basis.  There is no cost for the initial client-coach contact.

 In addition to the live sessions, I will provide supplemental reading and study assignments to help you develop the skills required for successful interviewing.


3 session package

This package addresses all the basic areas needed for you to successfully prepare for and accomplish the initial interview.  An interviewing strategy will be developed based on your individual requirements.  Basic interviewing skills will be addressed as well as pre-interview preparation and post-interview follow-up.

Session 1 – Client strategy, interview basics, identification of client strengths

Session 2 – Interview questions, client presence in the interview, interview challenges

Session 3 – Dress for the interview, mock interview, interview follow up


5 session package

This package includes everything in the 3 session package with the addition of two additional sessions. Sessions 4 and 5 will assist you in fine tuning your interview skills while developing some advanced self-marketing skills and strategies.

Everything included in the 3 session package plus,

Session 4 –  Advanced skills and resources, leveraging social media

Session 5 – Informational interviews, self-marketing,


Refresher package (after 3 or 5 session packages have been completed)

This package will provide you with additional support and resources to help bring your interviewing skills up to date and to reevaluate interviewing goals and strategies.  Refresher sessions can also help you brush up on your interviewing skills once you are scheduled for an interview. 

One or more sessions – Review recent interview experiences, update skills, additional self-improvement resources.



“I give my highest recommendation for Scott Kee as a Job Interview Coach.  I will definitely be taking his advice regarding changes to my resume.  I also really enjoyed his speech at the ODU Career Fair recently on how to navigate a Career Fair.  I picked up four wonderful pearls of wisdom from his talk.  He is a great wealth of information on how to pursue new job opportunities and how to prepare for interviews. He is also very friendly, down to earth, positive, and encouraging.” JP

“I conducted my first job interview after 22 years in the Navy and nailed it! If it were not for Scott, I am sure I would still be interviewing for positions to this day. I am extremely grateful for Scott’s advice and coaching. Thank you Scott!” AVF

“[Scott] took in all the “recon” homework I had done and helped me prep well for more interviews. The sit down session was particularly enlightening. I always had ample time to question and get feedback when needed.  The biggest help was in building my confidence going into the interview. I was very comfortable talking with the administrators at [organization confidential] and felt I conveyed myself better and more clearly than I would have.” DRL

“Scott was an exemplary coach in my preparation process for my interview. He was very thorough in his approach, covering everything from general posture and language to specifics regarding my particular interview. Mr. Kee is very friendly and easily approachable, and seemed very patient with the process. He reassured me that I was projecting a good attitude and my confidence was high going into the actual interview. I would highly recommend him for anyone seeking assistance in their preparation needs.” DRL


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*US Military Veterans and active duty military members qualify for a 10% discount on all packages!




If you are dissatisfied with my service, for any reason, all payments will be refunded in full!