I’m a Veteran – Give me a Job

It’s Veterans Day, and while I’m enjoying a day off from my job I’ve been thinking about a dilema many of us veterans face. We’ve spent years learning skills and excelling in the military and when it’s time to move on to our next career it’s often discouraging and confusing when entering the civilian workforce for the first time. Our country owes a great deal of gratitude to all our veterans for their sacrifice and service – but that doesn’t mean anyone owes us a job when we get out!

In many cases we’ll have to start at the bottom (or at least a lower rung) of the ladder again when entering the civilian workforce. We may need to learn an entirely new set of skills and re-establish a reputation of excellence within our new organization.

The good news is that even though we may be starting out on a lower rung of the ladder, veterans often rise quicker and further up the ladder than our civilian counterparts due to the skills learned in military service.

There is one area in which most of us are initially deficient however, and this relates to interviewing skills. Many of us have never had to interview for a job since Uncle Sam has directed our careers since we got out of school. The job interview, for many, is uncharted water and can seem to be foreign and frightening. Don’t be discouraged; draw upon the years of experience you’ve gained in the military. Your sense of commitment, courage, integrity, and tenacity will all stand you in good stead as you prepare for your your job interview.

You should view the job interview just as you viewed any major operation or assignment in the military; planning, organization and execution all come into play – you know how to do this!

Just as you trained and exercised in the military, you can do the same in preperation for your job interview. Do your research (intel), develop your strategy (planning) and rehearse the process (exercise).

There are many great sources of information out there that will give you an edge, such as:

Corporate Gray

Veterans Administration 

So………….just because you’re a veteran, doesn’t mean that anyone owes you a job, but you do have a truly priceless advantage going forward – your military service!


photo: pixabay.com