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It’s not often that we get to have an input into the parameters surrounding our job interview.  Usually, we are told when and where to show up.  On occasion, however, we may be given the option of when we would like to be interviewed.  This presents the candidate with an opportunity to put themselves in a favorable position but it requires some analysis.

Let’s look at the options.  First, let’s look at a typical day of the week from the interviewer’s perspective.  

  • Mondays are usually spent preparing for the upcoming week and possibly, finishing up tasks left over from the previous week.  Given the choice, I would steer clear of Mondays.
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a better choice since the challenges of Monday have passed and the interviewer can focus more directly on the interview.  Also, if adjunct personnel will be participating in the interview, it’s more likely they will be available Tuesday and Wednesday!
  • Thursdays and Fridays are a tossup and can either work in the candidate’s favor or be very detrimental.  After “hump day” both the candidate and the interviewer may be a little burned out and looking toward the weekend.  
  • While Friday can put the interviewer in a “happy” mood since the week is drawing to a close, which could influence the overall good will in the interview, it could also irritate the interviewer who had hoped to leave early on Friday but has to do an interview instead!  If you are offered a Friday interview slot, never pick one after lunch.

What time of day is best?  Here again, there is no perfect answer, but think of your own experience.  Are you more “with it” in the morning, after lunch or at the end of the day?  All things being equal, I would shoot for a mid-morning slot when both you and the interviewer have had a cup of coffee, recovered from the commute, but are still fresh and alert.  

Try to avoid the time slot right after lunch for several reasons (post-meal drowsiness, spills during lunch, salad caught in your teeth, indigestion, etc).

Late in the day is much like late in the week – try to avoid it if possible.

So………………….. based on my analysis, I would go for an interview slot at 10:00 AM on a Tuesday or Wednesday!

What has your experience shown you?


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After serving for 27 years in the US Navy and another 20 years in the defense industry I am excited to share my experience in the areas of career and interview coaching with fellow veterans and others joining, or rejoining, the job market.

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