Sweaty Palms

Haven’t we all gotten sweaty palms from time to time when we are under stress? Nervousness and sweaty palms go hand-in-hand (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun).

Over the years, my go to book on interview prep has been Sweaty Palms the Neglected Art of Being Interviewed,  by H. Anthony Medley. This great book, first published in 1978, was very helpful when I retired from the Navy back in the ’90s. I read this book cover-to-cover and employed many of the author’s recommendations in my initial interviewing journey.

Since that time, I have referred to my well worn copy many times, and even loaned it to family and friends over the years. It’s one of the books in my library that I will probably never get rid of, simply because it is so useful. Now that I am blogging I will also refer to this book, from time to time, to share its insightful tips and advice with others.

Mr. Medley’s book has been revised and updated over the years and is still available! If you only want to get one book on interviewing, get this one!

Sweaty Palms is currently available from Amazon – here’s the link

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After serving for 27 years in the US Navy and another 20 years in the defense industry I am excited to share my experience in the areas of career and interview coaching with fellow veterans and others joining, or rejoining, the job market.

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