Where have you been?

Many members of the Baby Boom Generation are in a unique stage of life where they may be caring for aging parents while still raising their own children.  Others have taken time off from a career to pursue studies or develop a business.  Still others have spent time away in the military.  All these situations pose a particular challenge during the interview when seeking to reenter the commercial workforce.

Inevitably, the interviewer will want to know why you were out of the traditional workforce and what you’ve been up to during that time.  Be sure and cover this in your resume and don’t be intimidated or discouraged – address the question head on and with confidence.  It’s fairly safe to say that most, if not all managers and HR professionals have had either direct experience with these issues or know someone who has.

A recent boss of mine is currently on an extended sabbatical from the company to care for, not one, but two family members in two different states!  Was this a difficult decision? You bet it was.  Was it the right thing to do?  Absolutely!

As you prepare to reenter the workforce there are some things you can do to give yourself a boost and build your confidence.  

Be a voracious reader –  Study current events and news relating to your chosen field and read journals and professional studies and anything else you can get your hands on to show that you are up on the latest trends and happenings in your field.

Get social –  If you haven’t built a social and business network now is the time to do so.  Use LinkedIn and Facebook to your advantage.

Get involved – Get active in local organizations such as church, civic league, neighborhood watch and any other organization where you can contribute and meet people (this will also help you build your network).

Start a blog – If you like to write and assist others a blog may be just the thing for you.  It will help you become known and will be something you can leverage during your interview.

Practice – If your interviewing skills are a bit rusty ask friends or family members who have recently interviewed for a job for advice.  Ask them to share their experiences and some of the questions they were asked.

If you’ve recently reentered the workforce or are considering it, please join the conversation and add a comment to this post………….you may help motivate someone who just needs a little boost!



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After serving for 27 years in the US Navy and another 20 years in the defense industry I am excited to share my experience in the areas of career and interview coaching with fellow veterans and others joining, or rejoining, the job market.

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